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These are the faces of our Founding Family Members - Mums and Dads of children with all sorts of different experiences and abilities who generously volunteered their time, expertise, and network to ensuring that Kindship does what it needs to connect, inform, and empower families living with disability. We are so grateful to each and every one of you.

This is us

Sheryl Bishop Sheryl Bishop
Dawn Alsept Dawn Alsept
Willemijn Akkermans Willemijn Akkermans
Lindsay Robertson Lindsay Robertson
Emily Mccain Emily Mccain
Jackie M Jackie M
Nirvana Diab Nirvana Diab
Kate Manduca Kate Manduca
The Honey family The Honey family
Maria MacKeigan Maria MacKeigan
Andrea Brise Andrea Brise
Karen Prewitt Karen Prewitt
Zara Hickey Zara Hickey
Philippa Smith Philippa Smith
Kirsty Maccuish Kirsty Maccuish
Sarah Hutchinson Sarah Hutchinson
Dani Taylor Dani Taylor
Sasha Job Sasha Job
Kirsty Safe Kirsty Safe
Gaynor Smith Gaynor Smith
Rhiannon Mason Rhiannon Mason
Sharon Genua Sharon Genua
Jessica Gould Jessica Gould
Julie Britton Julie Britton
Rene Howey Rene Howey
Paula Ferrari Paula Ferrari
Katie Baker Katie Baker
Cindy White Cindy White
Amanda Yeary Amanda Yeary
Sara Smith Sara Smith
April Henry April Henry
Melanie Farmer Melanie Farmer
Jessica Wooten Jessica Wooten
Amanda Lewis Amanda Lewis
Jen Benito Jen Benito
Diane Compton Diane Compton
Christine Hanes Christine Hanes
Jordan Bridge Jordan Bridge
Kimberly Watson Kimberly Watson
Jill Collinge Jill Collinge
Nichole Sorensen Nichole Sorensen
Kelsey Barrios Kelsey Barrios
Merida Gene Pack Merida Gene Pack
Amber Rojas Amber Rojas
Trista Park Trista Park
Lizette Vasquez Lizette Vasquez
Jenesa Stonko Jenesa Stonko
Theresa Rivera Guillermo Theresa Rivera Guillermo
Carrie Key Carrie Key
Holly Ramsburg Holly Ramsburg
Whittney Moody Whittney Moody
Laura Snyder Laura Snyder
Blythe Royaards Blythe Royaards
Jessica Elder Jessica Elder
Ingerlise Svaleng Ingerlise Svaleng
Denisse Pellecer Denisse Pellecer
Kavita Baluni Kavita Baluni
Aoife McLafferty Aoife McLafferty
Lisa Carr Lisa Carr
Hayley Balozi Hayley Balozi
Becky Clark Becky Clark
Gemma Haydock Gemma Haydock
Danielle Smith Danielle Smith
Sarah Ojar Sarah Ojar
Sarah Kilby-Roe Sarah Kilby-Roe