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About us





A conscious choice to interact with
another person or group of people
from a place of kindness.

Our mission

We created Kindship with the idea that no parent should have to navigate raising their child with a disability alone. Our mission is to provide a kind, safe, and private space where mums and dads can meet, chat, and learn from like-minded parents on similar journeys.

Our Mission

Our Why

Our why

We are parents or love parents raising children with disabilities.

What gets us out of bed in the morning is the dream of a global community that celebrates, supports, and empowers parents as they navigate their family's needs.


Summer Petrosius

Our story started with an idea to end lonely. Growing up ‘different’, Kindship Founder and CEO, Summer Petrosius, recognised and wanted to do something about the isolation and chronic loneliness experienced by parents raising children with disabilities.

Then Summer started talking to parents, literally hundreds of them and discovered two things. The first was that the isolation and ostracism they encountered often stemmed from the negativity that surrounds a diagnosis of childhood disability. And the second was that there is an incredible willingness from within the parent community to show up and be there for one another, which got Summer thinking…What difference might we make to the experience of these families if we provided them with a safe, private, and kind alternative to Facebook where they could build friendships, find support, and truly own the narrative around what raising a child with a disability really looks like.

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